Our learners and their parents have given us much positive feedback, but don’t just take our word for it, here are a few of our reviews!

Joanne Palmer 26/03/2020 – Emma was extremely patient when my daughter couldn’t get her head around certain topics in maths. Her amazing depth of knowledge gave my daughter the confidence to complete her GCSE maths course as she could explain things much more effectively than the teachers at her school. Emma is the most passionate enthusiastic maths tutor and she can help any child achieve their goals.

Rachel Burrows 26/03/2020 – We have been using Educalis for our son for about 6 months. He is thoroughly enjoying it and it has really built his confidence up especially in English. He really enjoys working with Hannah who has such a good way with him!

Emma Thomas 6/03/2020My daughter has come on in leaps and bounds in Maths since having Emma as her tutor. I would highly recommend this company!

Gail Williams 23/02/2018 – What Emma is doing is building confidence by offering individual and small group support which is not always available in schools. Our three children benefited from extra tuition in Maths. In fact, I remember our daughter saying that she learned more in three sessions of one to one Maths tuition than in a whole term in school. Keep up the good work Emma.

Alison Jones 26/03/2020 – Educalis has really increased my daughter’s confidence in maths and science.

Emma Power 25/09/2019 – Emma and her team are amazing. They offer one to one tuition and group sessions in a classroom, but a very relaxed environment. Emma is very caring and nurturing with all the children and looks after their wellbeing as well as their educational needs. Emma is the best. If your child needs extra tuition please go to Educalis.

Kathryn Short 27/03/2020 – My daughter found Emma‘s tuition invaluable at GCSE and got moved up from school saying she should suit the intermediate paper to sitting the higher instead and achieved an A – Emma has been helping her as she then decided to do A level maths and her predicted grade is a B! I feel this is entirely down to Emma! Can’t thank you enough.

Rebecca Williams 04/09/2019 – The quality of teaching at Educalis is truly incredible! With the help of my tutor, Emma, my confidence in maths has increased dramatically, and I’ve even moved up a class set! I really recommend Educalis as it’s a refreshing way to learn and improve in maths and science.

Sophie Bunney 12/11/2019100% recommend Educalis because Emma has helped me massively in maths with the way she teaches. Considering I had a year off Maths and had to resit due to University conditions. My understanding toward the subject has improved. The atmosphere is happy and all of the staff help you to understand the subjects in every way. They are very kind helpful people!

Shannon Morgan-Jones 07/11/2018 – An amazing tutoring service! Educalis has provided me with great confidence in science, maths and English but also within myself through mentoring!!📚📚
Millie Fitzgerald 07/11/2018Educalis has helped me so much with maths, science and mentoring!