Group Tuition Fees:

Hourly rates:

  • KS1         £22
  • KS2         £22
  • KS3         £23
  • KS4         £24
  • KS5         £25

One to One Tuition Fees:

Hourly rates:

  • KS1         £32
  • KS2         £32
  • KS3         £33
  • KS4         £34
  • KS5         £35

Discounts applicable:

2nd and further weekly sessions are 20% discounted.

20% discount will be applied to further students from the same family.

Recommend a friend parent referral – Parents will get a reduction on one session per referral.

New for 2020 – 10% discount applied to bulk bookings of 10 sessions when paid in advance.

Subsidised Tuition:

Our team at Educalis is committed to raising standards in numeracy and literacy whilst helping to reduce the impact of poverty on education. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is inclusive and accessible to ALL.

Through our ‘Young Inspirations’ initiative, we are able to offer partially funded and a small number of fully subsidised tuition packages for children who’s families are in times of financial hardship. Enquiries will be treated discretely and are assessed on an individual basis.

If you feel that this would assist, please get in touch with us.